Video Systems

D2N is a leader in offering a wide array of video solutions, partnering with top global manufacturers. We specialize in crafting innovative solutions that seamlessly integrate with current facilities or lay the foundation for new ventures. Our partners, including AIDA Imaging, Kiloview, SiennaTV, TVU Networks, Simply Live, JVC, Matrox, Black Magic, and Riedel Communications, are renowned for their world-class products in the video signal chain. We select these partners for their innovative approach, superior product training, support, and value for money.

We accommodate a variety of video signals and formats, including SDI, ASI, SMPTE 2110-20, and NDI, offering both simple product sales and comprehensive solutions tailored to complex video systems.

Our services are categorized into three main areas: Outside Broadcast, On-Prem, and Cloud.

Outside Broadcast services cater to events like sports, community, or corporate gatherings, providing on-site production or remote production solutions. The choice between on-site or remote production depends on the event's specific requirements.

On-Prem services focus on building and maintaining centralized storage, editing, and playout platforms, commonly used by production companies or broadcasters. This includes a mix of hardware and software for a resilient workflow management platform, increasingly adopted by creative agencies for content security and talent showcase.

Cloud-based video systems are rapidly growing, offering flexibility, reduced capital costs, and a pay-per-use model. Ideal for broadcasters, event companies, and production houses, these systems can be self-hosted or through services like AWS, allowing quick scaling for projects and reduced hardware risks.

Whether you are looking for a couple of encoders, cameras, signal convertors or a complete production workflow, D2N can assist in designing, installing, and maintaining a solution to meet your needs. Our attention to detail and ability to keep innovation at the centre of everything we do means our customers always receive the best solutions.