D2N is dedicated to providing effective, future-proof communication solutions, focusing on premium two-way radio brands like Hytera, Kenwood, Motorola Solutions, ICOM and TAIT. Our approach is customer-centric, emphasizing understanding your specific needs and offering tailored solutions with transparent pricing and comprehensive training support.

We offer a diverse range of radio platforms including Analogue, DMR, NXDN, TETRA, and PoC (Push to Talk over Cellular), ensuring a perfect match for your application. Recognizing the critical role of accessories, we supply high-quality, original products to enhance performance, stressing the importance of considering the usage, handler, and environment in your choice.

Leading in innovation, D2N champions PoC solutions, blending traditional two-way radio capabilities with modern mobile technologies like email, video calling, SMS, and GPS tracking. These devices, available in various configurations, leverage the 4G network to address coverage issues, making them ideal for transport companies, remote teams, and more. This integration offers unparalleled flexibility and functionality, especially beneficial for teams in diverse locations.

In addition to sales, we provide long-term rental options and have invested in secure AWS server hosting to safeguard customer data. Expanding our PoC offerings, we now include Body Worn Cameras, revolutionizing asset and personnel protection in the security industry. These versatile devices can function as remote speaker microphones or standalone live streaming cameras, supported by advanced evidence management and collaboration tools.

With over 1000 PoC units deployed across various sectors, D2N is not just about selling products but delivering value-added solutions that enhance your business’s technological capabilities.